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Here at Bar C Kennels we take great pride in raising first generation (F1) goldendoodles and golden
retriever puppies.  We are located on five acres of wooded land in West Columbia, South Carolina.  

Our family has been involved in raising, training and participating in AKC confirmation shows for
about 15 years.  Our grandchildren have been a part of AKC Junior Showmanship and they also help
us to socialize our puppies by playing with them and holding them daily.

A few years ago we had gotten out of showing and breeding Golden Retrievers but we still had many of
our young golden girls at home.  A friend of ours raises cockapoos and another raised goldendoodles and labradordoodles
and talked us into trying a litter of goldendoodle puppies and we were hooked!  

We feel our goldendoodles are the best quality as all of our moms & dads are cleared annually with CERF
for hereditary eye diseases. As well, they are cleared for  heart problems, hip dyspepsia, luxating patellas
and Von Willebrand's disease.  We take raising these wonderful puppies seriously as we want
to provide you with a quality lifelong family member.    Although these tests will not prevent a puppy
from possible hereditary problems it is a step in knowing where the problems lie within the breeding
program.  No dog is bred with any hereditary problems. They are either spayed/neutered and are either:
and kept as a family pet or placed with an adopted family.
Read more about Health issues
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                                                            Puppies are raised with lots of noises and sounds, grandchildren, other dogs, phones ringing
                                                           and so much more giving them emotional stability. When weather permits, they go outside
                                                           when they are old enough to get more life experiences.

                                                           All puppies are eating dry kibble by the time they go to you, are "dogie door" trained.
                                                           I  provide a two year written health guarantee. Medical records, a microchip (inserted by
                                                           our veterinarian), toy, blanket this has been with their siblings so when they go home they
                                                           have something familiar), puppy training book, sample of dog food and other general information.

                                                         Our  Guarantee will be increased to 4 years IF your puppy is given NuVet Plus Vitamins daily for the
first 2 years after he/she goes  home with you.  For more information about our extended guarantee
click here.

All puppies come well loved and spoiled!  

If you would like references from my vet or my past buyers, please let me know and I'll be happy to
provide them to you.

If you are looking for a forever pet, to lavish with love & affection, look no further....goldendoodles are
there to give it right back to you!
Goldie 2006 puppy
Granddaughter Brittney
with a Darcy puppy
January 2007

Goldendooles, Golden Retrievers
and Standard Poodles are happy
here at Bar C Kennels
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